Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune is a beautiful campus in the exclusive and exotically green area of Dehradun (700 meters). Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand state and is a beautiful valley at the foothills of Himalayas.

Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune is here simply to help you realize your Buddhahood. You are a Buddha, but you have forgotten. Just remembering, recognition and you are Buddha again. We welcome you to join our Meditations, Celebrations and other groups for the growth of your consciousness.

This place introduces you to yourself through simple methods so as to attain one’s center. Here, sharing of your authentic experiences will be respected and accepted. The commune is simply a loving togetherness of fellow travelers, who are working on themselves.

“Dream the impossible dream. It may look absurd in the beginning – It does look – but if it is strong enough, it transforms your reality.” – Osho

Yes, we are dreaming the impossible by encouraging our co-traveler meditative sannyasins who are on Osho-path. We trust that meditative sannyasins who are close to our beloved Master Osho could take quantum leap to actualize His dream.

Imbibing Osho-dream in our being, we have opened a “Research Institute for Meditation and Understanding, School of Bodhisatvas, Mystery School” under Om Bodhisattva Trust to give intense inner momentum to Osho Movement.

These institutions are exclusively for the growth of consciousness. These are purely experimental, not academic. These are simply for the sharing of Osho- understanding. Those, who are associated / will associate with our institutions will find out their most favorite Osho meditation technique to work on intensely and totally. In addition, they will imbibe clear understanding for their own growth of consciousness through books, audio-video tapes and CDs of Osho.