Awareness Intensive & Buddh Purnima Celebration Camp

Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune organised an ‘Awareness Intensive & Buddh Purnima Celebration Camp’ from 7 to 10 May 2017, in which more than 40 friends took part. Continuous awareness or self-remembering can lead us beyond past and future, happiness and pain to a state of eternal ecstasy- this deep mystery...

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Osho Dhyan Sadhna & Guru Purnima Celebration

To celebrate the auspicious  Guru Purnima, Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune, Dehradun organized  a three-day Meditation Camp from 8-10 July in which more than 60 people participated. “The Master is the door to Existence” Osho said and further explained the journey from being a disciple to a devotee and finally becoming...

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