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“…The mystics have found — and it is one of the ancient most discoveries, at least ten thousand years old — that life, that the whole of existence, is made of sound, of subtle vibrations of sound.

…When you become absolutely silent in meditation, a subtle humming sound is heard within one’s own being. It does not come from the outside; it comes from one’s own inner-most core.

…In the East we have called it Omkar; the sound aum comes closest to it — it is just approximate, remember, not exact. But if you go in to an empty

temple and you just chant “Aum, aum, aum…” and you go on chanting, and then you stop suddenly,because the temple is empty it will go on resounding. That resounding comes very close to the innermost sound. And once this soundless sound, as it is called, this inner melody of your being is heard, bliss explodes, your whole life becomes harmonious. Then suddenly everything fits, then it is no more a problem. Life for the first time is not a problem, not a riddle to be solved but a mystery to be lived…

“On the path, if you start listening Aum, you are accepted, you are welcome. You need not seek anywhere. You have found the door. Just relax more and leave everything in the hands of existence — a total trust and complete passivity. Your absence is the presence of godliness. The moment your are not the miracle has happened.

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